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Humanitarian aid arrived in Ukraine / 19.09.15

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Humanitarian aid arrived in Ukraine / 19.09.15

19.09.15 Berlin-Kyiw

2 packed vans (1400 kg) with warm clothes (especially children’s and baby clothes), shoes, blankets, school and hygiene items for children and toys. Among them was our shipment to the Kramatorsk refugee center – it was supposed to be 2 boxes at the beginning, but thanks to our donors we brought 10 boxes to the collection point 🙂


Special thanks to Ilona Vovchyk (European Institute Of Social Advencement) for the organisation and the storage space.

Special thanks to Dmitri Witow (БФ “Надійний Тил”) , Alla Angel (Гражданская Инициатива #РазомСила) Kate Bilyk, Sergey Rupos und Jan Wachowsky for transfer.

Special thanks to Andrij Podlubnyi, Shahin Abasov, Yurij Gurzhy, Oleg Chvorun, Eugen Pogorely, Olga Filippova, Victoria Baranovska, Tatyana Kenty, Bohdanna Kindt und Larisa Stoyanovskaja, Elena Maas, Ekaterina Ernst, Bohdana Kindt, Анна Гилецкая, Arina Mudrjanets, Tania Thiele, Elena Bosova, Elena Zh und Marina Bondas for sorting and packing


Thanks to all our supporters!

The cargo will be distributed to the orphanage “Отчий Дом” in Krasnoarmeysk, to several families of the war victims and to the refugee center Kramatorsk.


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